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Oftentimes the traditional method of doing something is the best. Whether it’s checking refrigerant levels or manhandling sticky steam valves, the HVAC world is full of jobs that just can’t be done any other way. Still, the rise of mobile technology has opened up a new world of possibility to heating and air conditioning specialists. With just a touch of a button, even the most seasoned technician can get an accurate reading, or find the right fit. Here are 12 mobile tools and technologies that HVAC specialists can put to use today.

Refrigerant Slider

This must-have app allow you to have an instant and user-friendly conversion scale to find the pressure-to-temperature point. It is also very versatile, including 69 different refrigerants including both traditional and natural refrigerants. The app also includes information for each refrigerant such as the Global Warming Potential (GWP) and the Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP). You will also see both dew and bubble point for each refrigerant.  

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HVAC Check and Charge

This instant mobile refrigerant charge calculator is based on historic sliding cardboard charge calculators and gives instant information about the correct system charge for R-22 and R-410A. You can choose from different system temperatures as well as Subcooling, Airflow, or Superheat settings. Latent and sensible environmental loads are also taken into consideration.

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Duct Calc Elite

The Duct Calculator Elite gives HVAC professionals a handheld helper when sizing ducts. This app strays from the traditional "slider" controls and provides several modes to find exactly the right fit. Users can calculate duct size, velocity, pressure drop, and flow rate with just a few touches on their smartphone or tablet. It even has a number of variables for units of measurement, including both standard and metric. 

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HVAC Buddy

When you're looking for a great all-in-one help on the job site, the HVAC Buddy is one of the best in the business. It has won several awards, including being positioned as the #2 choice for contracting apps from ContractingBusiness.com. It includes information for 73 different coolants, Airflow and TEET calculations, and Superheat and Subcool tables. In addition, it updates temperatures in real time, giving you instant information about the effectiveness of your work. 

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All you balancing, pressuring, and radiator controls are finally as close as a touchscreen away!  IMI Hydronic Engineering has developed this app to easily calculate hydronic levels, Zeparo Dp, and radiator power. It also helps to size radiator pipes and valves. Developers also suggest that editable fluids and expansion vessel sizing are the newest tricks that this app will be able to perform in the coming months.  

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HVAC Refrigerant PT - A/C

This incredibly comprehensive guide to refrigerants is perfect for the HVAC professional who wants to learn while they work. For each of the 33 refrigerants included, the app provides detailed information about pressure and temperature, physical properties, and potential hazards. Both Bubble and Dew Pressures are clearly marked for each refrigerant, and the personalized settings allow for Farenheit or Celsius temperatures and seven pressure measurements.

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The best thing about the Imperial™ iManifold™ App is that it calculates HVAC/R system performance in addition to troubleshooting problems that are present in the system. Users are able to input live system data in order to find the root causes of instability in HVAC/R units and can customize equipment specification options for the unique unit they're working on.  In addition, there are over 40 refrigerants to choose from.

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HVAC Marketing Toolbox

Being an HVAC technician means also being a small business owner. With this app from Global Web HQ, HVAC technicians have all the tools at their disposal in order to market and grow their small business. By using a fun "spin the dial" method of choosing marketing ideas, you are constantly using new techniques to connect with potential customers and get your message out into the community. 

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Breezeworks is the ultimate mobile business hub for an HVAC technician. Its sophisticated mapping, invoicing, and scheduling functions ensure that your business looks professional and builds a positive reputation. Instant communication options can be sent as soon as a job is finished, and you can send quick estimates with images directly to customers. In addition, the traffic and map settings help you to stay on time to appointments and avoid being lost. 

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ESC Mobile Tech

Schedule, dispatch, quote, and invoice directly from the field. The ESC Mobile Tech app allows you to add and edit customers, call in real-time status updates, and view service history right from your smart phone. ESC Mobile Tech also allows you to create quotes that your customer can accept or reject in addition to giving you access to process payments on the go. 

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HVAC Professional

The HVAC Professional Formulator includes 200 formulas, 18 charts, and the complete International Mechanical Code. From chimney clearance to conversions and area calculations, this all-in-one app may be the only app that you need to get the job done to regulation. You also have the capability of marking favorite formulas and seeing which ones you use the most. Best of all, this app is constantly being updated with new formulas and charts so that it's consistently relevant.

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HVAC Answer Guides

This app, only available for Android phones, is a comprehensive guide of service calls that have been made over the past 20 years and their final outcomes. As a reference, this app is invaluable. Some of the topics covered include fallible compressors, belt drive information, oil furnace problems, and Superheat and Subcooling calculations. Although it is not comprehensive, it is a great app for those just starting their own HVAC business.

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